Trade Stalls on the Market Fields

A large number of traders have stalls on the market fields at the Fair.

This is privately owned land and anyone wishing to have a trade stand, stall or vehicle on the market fields should contact the landowners:

Mr & Mrs J Winter, 
Clickham Farm, 
Croft Ends, 
CA16 6JN.

Telephone: 017683 51456.

A pre-booking system exists for all food traders selling from the market fields and more information on this is set out below.  There is no booking system for non food traders but you are advised to contact Mr & Mrs Winter regarding pitch availability and prices.

You MUST obtain a permit to have a food stall before arival.  Any food trader arriving at the market without a permit will not be allowed entry onto the market fields.  In order to obtain a food trader permit you must complete and submit an application form to Mr & Mrs Winter by 20 March each year at the latest.  

If you attended the previous years Fair you will have been issued with an application form during the fair, If you do not have, or have lost your application form, these can be obtained from Westmorland & Furness Council, please contact the Food, Health and Safety Team, telephone 01768 212491 or Email Once completed your application form should be sent to Mr & Mrs Winter at the above address, prior to the closing date.

Your application will be checked by Westmorland & Furness Council's Food Safety Officers, this will include taking into account your previous history of compliance with food hygiene and safety legislation.  As part of the application process, every food business operator will have to provide evidence that his / her business is registered under the Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013 with their local Council.  

If your application is approved your permit will be issued by Mr & Mrs Winter approximately 4 - 6 weeks prior to the Fair, together with an information pack containing advice about food safety, fire safety and trading standards requirements.  The number of food operator permits will be strictly limited. No application will be accepted after the closing date and submitting an application does not guarantee you will obtain a permit.

All food vehicles and stalls operating during the Fair are inspected by Westmorland & Furness Council’s Environmental Health Officers. Operators are required to comply with the Food Safety & Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013 and should be registered under these Regulations with their local council. 

All traders meeting the required standard are issued with a sticker which indicates who has inspected the vehicle or stall and when. Instances of non compliance will be dealt with either by removal of the trader off the site or by informal or formal action, depending on the seriousness of the situation, under the above Regulations or Food Safety Act 1990.

Some examples of the food safety problems previously found at Appleby include:

  • Dirty water containers
  • Inadequate cleaning of work surfaces and equipment
  • Inadequate separation of raw and cooked / ready-to-eat foods
  • Lack of refrigeration facilities
  • Not having sufficient ice blocks in cool boxes to keep food chilled
  • Using ice blocks to keep food chilled but having no way of replacing the ice when it melts
  • Leaving food out of the fridge too long
  • Inadequate hand washing facilities and hand soap
  • Inadequate hot water supply
  • No overclothing eg apron / overall
  • Not protecting unwrapped food from flies etc
  • Lack of food supplier traceability - foods not labelled and not being able to identify where food has been obtained from
  • Lack of suitable disinfectant / sanitiser to clean surfaces and equipment

Non Food Traders
There is no pre-booking system in place for non food traders

The Sale of BB Guns
The sale of BB Guns at the Fair is prohibited and anyone found selling them will be ejected from the market fields and may be refused entry at future fairs.