RSPCA and Animal Welfare

The RSPCA is the leading animal welfare organisation at Appleby Horse Fair and have 27 officers at the event during peak times, many of which are specialist equine officers.

The RSPCA works hand in hand with other animal welfare organisations at the Fair. There will also be support from Redwings, World Horse Welfare, The Donkey Sanctuary and Blue Cross.

Representatives from each of the animal welfare organisations, all members of the National Equine Welfare Council, will be running a horse information tent at Salt Tip corner from Friday to Sunday to talk to Gypsies and Travellers about their horses. Experts from the charities will be answering questions on issues relating to horse health and would love to get views on the problems affecting horse owners at the moment. There will also be free activities for the children.

Causing unnecessary suffering or failing to meet the needs of an animal in your care is an offence under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and carries a maximum sentences of six months in prison and/or £20,000 fine.

This is a horse fair and people should not bring other pets along. Horses can get 'spooked' by dogs and dogs can get trampled by horses. Leave them at home.

In previous years the RSPCA has had problems with dog being left in cars/caravans/awnings, all of which can get hot on even cloudy days. The temperature in enclosed spaces like these rises quickly, causing heatstroke and death. The RSPCA is working with Cumbria Constabulary on a zero tolerance approach to this and where dogs are found in cars they will be removed. Where they are found to be suffering or their needs not being met the RSPCA will seek to prosecute.

Selling dogs or birds at the fair is illegal and we strongly urge people not to purchase them. For more information about buying a puppy please click here.