Appleby Horse Fair is an annual gathering of Gypsies and Travellers in the town of Appleby in Westmorland and Furness, which takes place over a week in early June, from a Thursday to the following Wednesday, but this is essentially a weekend event, the main days being the Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Appleby Fair is unique in Europe and, as well as attracting around 10,000 Gypsies and Travellers, over 30,000 other visitors attend the Fair. 

It is highly recommended that anyone planning to visit the fair should do so on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday, which is the traditional main visitors’ day. It transforms the town of Appleby for the week, as it normally has a population of around 2,500. 

The information on this website has been prepared by the public sector organisations which co-ordinate the response to the Fair and is designed to make the Fair as safe and enjoyable as possible for everyone. 

Please respect changes in the way the Fair is coordinated. The Multi Agency Strategic Coordination Group (MASCG) for Appleby Fair welcomes any feedback about the Fair. 

All comments about the Fair are welcome, please email Eden.AreaSupport@westmorlandandfurness.gov.uk