Street Trading at Appleby Horse Fair

Since 2007 the local authority, formerly Eden District Council and now Westmorland and Furness Council has issued a limited number of Street Trading Consents to traders who wish to sell their goods in Appleby town centre on the Friday and Sunday of the Fair.

Following an agreement between Appleby Community Acting Together (ACAT) and the Multi Agency Strategic Coordinating Group (MASCG), trading will take place in the Market during the Fair weekend. This is in addition to the normal Saturday Market. A single trading consent will be issued to ACAT who will have responsibility for the operation of the Market Stalls. The number of traders in this area has previously been limited to five stalls operated by Appleby Market Traders, however this information will be confirmed at a later date.

The trading from stalls on the Fair Hill and other fields will continue as previous years.

For information, anyone who sells, exposes or offers for sale any article in a street can only trade if they have a street trading consent. The term 'street' includes any road, footway or other area to which the public have access without payment (this can include private land) within the consented area. The consented areas are Battlebarrow, Bongate, Bridge Street, Boroughgate, Garth Heads Road, Long Marton Road, High Wiend, Low Wiend, The Sands and Station Road.

There are exemptions from the requirement of a street trading consent and this includes licensed pedlars, trading in a trunk road picnic area, trading on premises used as a shop or in the street adjoining a shop as part of the business of the shop etc.

Residents who have previously sold goods from their property to passers-by on the consented streets should contact the Licensing Section to ensure that they are compliant with the law.

If you require clarification of the above please call: 017683 53725.