Information on temporary stopping places in Alston

13 April 2022

Only one area of private land is available at Alston, this is: TYNE WILLOWS 

The limited space at Tyne Willows, Alston, is reserved for horse-drawn  bowtops, which are welcome; to allow space for them, motor vehicles should not park in the area.

Occupancy is reduced at Tyne Willows due to the community amenities and  activities that take place on this site. Please don’t arrive too soon to use this temporary stopping please as it impacts on local community activities. 

Occupancy should be restricted to the following dates:

  • Saturday 4 June to Thursday 9 June 2022 and 
  • Monday 13 August to Thursday 16 June 2022

Please respect that the Gym at Tyne Willows will be open for business and clients will require access. 

Toilets will be provided and bin bags will be distributed and subsequently collected. Please note that the toilet block facilities adjacent to Moredun Garage are not available for use. 

Please note that there is limited grazing available and horses must not be allowed onto the pitches or running track on the playing fields. Horses must be tethered at all times and restricted to the field edges to avoid damage to the pitches. Please respect these restrictions, failure to do so may result in the loss of this temporary stopping place in future years.