River Warning: Obstruction discovered

9 August 2021
Tape marks area of River Eden at Appleby after an obstruction is found.

As part of usual pre-fair preparations, a multi-agency effort has been taking place to clear the river and the river bed of any otherwise unseen obstructions or matter which could potentially cause injuries to people or horses.

As part of that work, exposed steel bars have been discovered beneath the surface which were once part of reinforced concrete.

Despite repeated efforts, the obstructions cannot be removed.

As such, the section of the river where the steel bars are located has been cordoned off with tape and cones. The tape and cones will remain in situ for the duration of the fair.

People are urged to stay outside of this area as there is otherwise a significant risk of injury.

People are also reminded that, while efforts are made to remove hazards from the water, those who choose to enter the water do so entirely at their own risk.