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7 - 10 June 2018

Appleby Horse Fair

Licensed Premises at Appleby Horse Fair 2017

Appleby Fair Licensing Charter
The majority of licensed premises in Appleby and Kirkby Stephen who open prior to and during the Fair have signed up to a voluntary Charter in which they agree to restrict their opening hours for prior to and during the Fair. They also agree to use plastic glasses and not sell alcohol for consumption off the premises (with the exception of the off licences). The reason for the voluntary Charter is to ensure that all premises are able to operate safely during an agreed period and then close simultaneously, rather than some premises staying open longer than others which would put strain on the premises staff and also the police.

  • On Licence premises have agreed to restrict their hours of opening from 12.00hrs to 23.00hrs. For more information please the Charter of Best Practice for On licence premises which relate to Appleby premises during the Fair and Kirkby Stephen premises in the days prior to the Fair (above).
  • Off Licence premises have agreed to restrict their opening hours from 12.00hrs to 22.00hrs. For more information please see the Charter of Best Practice for Off License premises which relate to Appleby premises during the Fair and Kirkby Stephen premises in the days prior to the Fair.

Street Drinking and the Designated Public Place Order

On street drinking will only be allowed to take place on The Sands area of Appleby while there is a road closure in place from 12.00hrs to 18.00hrs. The Sands is a large area and will provide a safe environment for those who wish to enjoy a drink purchased from the Grapes public house. Following the re-opening of the Sands at 18.00hrs, alcohol consumption will NOT be allowed in the street.

There will be no other areas where on street drinking will be allowed other than premises who have an licensed outside drinking areas such as the Crown and Cushion, Hare and Hounds and Royal Oak in Appleby. The drinking areas can be identified because they are usually defined by barriers. Customers by law are not allowed to take alcohol outside the these areas and if they do, may cause the licensee to breach their licence conditions – if you do take your drink outside of the licensed area you may find that the licensee and staff will request that you return to the licensed area.

Designated Public Place Orders were introduced in 2006 by Eden District Council and cover Penrith, Alston, Kirkby Stephen and Appleby. The Orders allow the police to deal with anti social street drinking. Please be aware that members of the public who try to consume alcohol outside of licensed areas may have their alcohol confiscated. Please do not take Off Licence Alcohol purchases into Sands drinking area as you will be able to purchase alcohol from the Grapes. 

On Licences - Drinking Up and Closing Times

Under the Charter, licensees have voluntarily agreed to stop alcohol sales at 23.00hrs. They have also agreed to close their premises by 23.30hrs – this will give customers a satisfactory amount of time to finish off their drinks comfortably and leave the premises. Police may visit the licensed premises at closing time to ensure that all customers safely leave the premises.

The following premises have confirmed that they will be open during the Fair:

Appleby On License:

  • Ashiana
  • Bojangles
  • Bridge
  • Crown and Cushion
  • Eden River Café
  • Grapes
  • Hare and Hounds
  • Kings Head Hotel
  • Masons Arms
  • Midland Hotel
  • Royal Oak Inn
  • Sandford Arms
  • Stag Inn
  • Three Greyhounds
  • Tufton Arms Hotel (residents only)

Appleby Off License:

  • Bridge End News
  • North Eastern Co-Operative Supermarket
  • Spar Late Shop

Kirkby Stephen On License:

  • Black Bull
  • Golden Fleece
  • Kings Arms Hotel
  • Kings Head Ltd
  • Kirkby Stephen Sports and Social Club
  • Pennine Hotel
  • White Lion
  • Black Swan Hotel
  • Fat Lamb Hotel

Kirkby Stephen Off License:

  • Eden Emporium
  • Gregson and Son
  • North Eastern Co-Operative Supermarket
  • Mccolls
  • Village Stores

Restaurants and Takeaways

All restaurants and takeaways in Appleby and Kirkby Stephen have been asked to operate in line with the Licensing Charter (closing at 23.00hrs) so please bear this in mind if you are intending purchase food at the end of the evening as these premises will be very busy.

If you require clarification of the above please contact the Licensing Section on 01768 212148 or email admin.licensing@eden.gov.uk